FAQ - Mortgage Call Report Changes

September 14, 2023 BY MQMR Blogger

Question: Is the Mortgage Call Report (MCR) changing and, if so, when and how?



Yes. NMLS issued an update advising that on April 1, 2024, the new MCR Form Version 6 will be required for reporting beginning with the first quarter 2024 data. Below are some key updates with the new MCR:


  • Elimination of the two current MCR forms (Standard Form and Expanded Form). There will be one MCR form for all filers. Regulators will rely on a company’s MU-1 Business Activities to determine which sections of the MCR need to be completed. Sections irrelevant to the filer can be auto-filled with zeros.
    • Licensees need to ensure their Business Activities as reported on the MU-1 are accurate and kept current.


  • Update to MCR definitions and instructions including, but not limited to, removing references to commercial activity and correspondent lending (correspondent lenders report as lenders), adding a reference to table-funding activity, and eliminating the requirement to report mortgage loan originators that did not originate in the quarter.


  • Adds a Supplemental State-Specific form, which can be used by states at their option to capture data not included on the MCR form, such as commercial loan data, consumer lending data, and information on loan processors and underwriters.


The new MCR form may be viewed Inquiries regarding the new MCR can be emailed to Information will also be posted to the NMLS MCR page as released (the page currently includes the new form and Definitions).