Sleep tight knowing your compliance is right.

MQMR provides deep mortgage compliance expertise and ongoing support to assist lenders of all sizes in developing, building, and maintaining a comprehensive compliance program to reduce compliance risk.

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Audit. Test. Assess. Improve.

MQMR performs GSE and CFPB compliant risk assessments and ongoing internal audit support to lenders of all sizes. Leverage internal audit to identify credit, regulatory, operational, financial, and reputational risks, as well as evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control activities, and governance processes within your organization.

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Servicing. Quality Controlled.

Comprehensive loan-level servicing QC audits and performing operational reviews of subservicers and internal servicing departments.

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Vendor Management Simplified!

Assisting lenders in assessing vendor risk and performing ongoing monitoring of their vendors, including, but not limited to, vendor risk tiering, vendor due diligence, risk assessments, performance reviews, contract reviews, policy and procedures review, document management, and guidance.

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Audit. Comply. Fly High.

MQMR conducts thousands of operational reviews and audits on mortgage lenders and servicers of all sizes including but not limited to: MERS audits, document custodian audits, subservicer audits, warehouse due diligence audits, compliance/CMS audits, Fair Lending audits, independent QC test audits, AML audits, GSE (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) application assistance, and other custom mortgage audits.

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We needed a solution, searched the market, and found that MQMR provided a robust platform, truly understood counterparty risk, and was willing to accommodate our needs. We are overly satisfied with MQMR and look forward to further refinement of our vendor management program.

Jim Svinth

EVP of Enterprise Risk Management - loanDepot

Currently, we utilize MQMR’s Compliance for both our operations team and internal legal teams, we also utilize the MQMR Vendor Management which regulators find to be the best in the industry right now, and we utilize the services of MQMR for internal audit. I’ve found Mike Steer, Ben Madick, and Mike Barone, Esq. and the entire MQMR team to be direct, to the point, and very helpful to us. I highly recommend their services. We’ve been a growing mortgage banker with a growth trajectory every year for the past 10. They certainly helped fill in the gap at a reasonable cost as we grew from 5 states into 45 states. We went from 50 MLO’s to 755 MLO’s. It’s certainly been a fun ride, but I’m glad we partnered together in 2011. They have been great. That rating comes qualified based on the type of people (they care), the cost-effectiveness (they’ve never killed me on costs and we’ve grown together), and quality of work (banks and regulators respect them). For transparency reasons, I now recommend them to mortgage clients. So, MQMR is top of my list when I recommend compliance.

Jonathan Gwin, Esq.

COO - American Financial Network, Inc.

Any mortgage banker that wants to be successful in the mortgage-banking climate today has to partner up with Mortgage Quality Management & Research.

Franco Tamburrino

CEO - Coast 2 Coast Funding Group

I went to MQMR/SQC because I needed to efficiently augment and support my Enterprise Risk Department. MQMR/SQC provided resources and support in multiple areas that I could not have accomplished as quickly and efficiently internally. I have confidence in their advice and with their results.

Marti K. Tromley

Chief Risk Officer - Skyline Home Loans

MQMR’s audit was very professional and thorough. Everyone on the MQMR staff was friendly and patiently answered our numerous questions and thoroughly explained the audit results. There is no doubt that we would recommend MQMR to other businesses. I am happy to say that, with MQMR’s help, Fannie Mae approved our application.

Vince Fitzgerald

Compliance Manager - Homestar Financial Corp.

MQMR provides due diligence reviews to Sterling National Bank as part of our credit process for providing mortgage bank clients with warehouse lines of credit. Ben Madick and his team provide professional service and extensive and comprehensive reporting that is additive to our credit process. Any company requiring due diligence services should seriously consider MQMR for their professional and comprehensive due diligence and reporting.

Patricia Robins

SVP and Managing Director - Sterling National Bank

We selected MQMR/HQVM to help us set up our vendor management platform and have been extremely satisfied with our decision to partner with them. HQVM's expertise, support, and customer service have been instrumental while we set up and implemented our program. Although we are not part of their fully outsourced program, they still went above and beyond when training our team and made an effort to ensure we are successful. With their help, we have been able to confidently make program enhancements to streamline our vendor management oversight.

Shelly Howe

Vendor Manager - Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc.

Because SQC strips the fluff out of its reports and narrows down the focus to what is most important to us in terms of investor requirements and compliance, Atlantic Bay is able to zero in on the issues that need attention.” “Additionally, part of Atlantic Bay’s process is to review the audit reports and work with the subservicer to implement any recommended best practices. SQC’s suggestions are always spot on, and their report also points out what the subservicer has done in the last year to improve their subservicing operations, which is extremely helpful.

Noreen O’Brien

Manager of Servicing Compliance, Special Loans and Default - Atlantic Bay Mortgage

We can run scenarios past them and use them as a resource that already knows our company and how we operate. Having MQMR available to us as an after-audit resource is awesome. Needless to say, I’m a raving fan and tell everyone I can about them.

Samantha Meyer

Chief Risk Officer - First Community Mortgage

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