MQMR is an independent company dedicated to the mortgage lending community. We work side by side with lenders and warehouse banks to manage risk, mitigate losses and enhance the borrower lending experience. In a highly regulated marketplace, risk management is key to the viability of the mortgage industry. With this consideration we partner with our clients to establish programs that utilize quantitative and qualitative metrics to elevate performance and promote accountability.


MQMR-52Benjamin Madick and Michael Steer founded MQMR in 2011 as a risk mitigation company to serve the mortgage lending community.  It launched Bankers Performance as its first product offering to assist lenders in mitigating consumer complaints, EPO/EPDs, and enhancing customer service.  Shortly following MQMR’s launch of Bankers Performance, it entered the counterparty risk review space through warehouse due diligence reviews, correspondent counterparty reviews, and repurchase advising.  In 2013, MQMR launched Subsequent QC to provide servicing QC and servicing oversight to master servicers.  In 2014, MQMR launched HQ Vendor Management to fill the void in the industry as lenders struggled to meet third party service provider oversight requirements, along with launching mortgage compliance to assist lenders in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.  Today, MQMR continues to help clients identify key risks, thus enabling greater success in the challenging regulatory environment.