Are you headed to the winner's circle or the penalty box?

"The secret to winning is consistent management."

― Tom Landry


Whether it's a requirement or a best practice, lenders and servicers should be in the know on the components of a successful Servicing Oversight program.


Do you know:

  • The "small servicer" designation has no bearing on a lender or servicer’s QC responsibilities?
  • Even servicers need to be mindful of Fair Lending laws and routinely analyze their internal data regarding actions taken on borrowers’ accounts?
  • The master servicer (i.e. lender) holds the ultimate responsibility for compliance or non-compliance in regulators’ eyes even when a Subservicer has been contracted?
  • Best Practices To Keep In Mind?


Make sure you are calling the right plays to win the game. Get started today by learning more about what Servicing Oversight is, why it is important and what lenders and servicers need to know to be compliant.


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