Fintech Vendor Adoption is on the Rise

Acceptance of the digital mortgage has allowed lenders to increasingly leverage fintech vendors, and marks an exciting shift in the industry as lenders experience the widespread benefits of automation throughout the loan manufacturing process.

However, this shift also adds a new level of risk for lenders, as fintech vendors require increased scrutiny due to a variety of factors explored within this whitepaper.

It is imperative for lenders to enhance their existing vendor oversight programs in order to mitigate the new risks and challenges posed by fintech vendors.  

Our Fintech Vendor Management Whitepaper will guide you through the unique considerations of working with fintech vendors to help you build upon your existing vendor management program. You'll learn:

  • Applicable vendor management regulatory requirements you NEED to consider
  • Guiding best practices to help you enhance your existing vendor management program for working with fintech vendors
  • How to ease the burden of vendor management on your internal staff
  • How to reduce the costs, time, and resources associated with vendor management

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