All MERSCORP Holdings, Inc. (MERS®) General and Patron Members named as the Servicer on one or more active MIN Records as of
March 31 must submit an Annual Report by December 31 of the same year.

While members with less than 1,000 MINs may elect to have either an
internal or an external party complete the annual report review, those with
more than 1,000 MINs must use an external reviewer.

As the mortgage industry partner of choice in audit, risk and compliance,
MQMR is well versed in serving as an external MERS® annual report reviewer.

Based on its wealth of experience in assisting lenders with this component
of their MERS® Quality Assurance (QA) requirements, MQMR has compiled a list of the top eight tips to help lenders ensure a successful MERS® Annual Report Review.

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